Looking at the Cosmos Elite Pro, got a few questions.

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I’m looking to upgrade from the Oculus Quest (using virtual desktop) in the future and I’m not particularly keen to be promoting facebooks madness.

Im based in Australia so the Valve index is not particularly viable for me (although I will be looking at the knuckles in future).

  1. Does the pro kit have the option for inside out tracking? I heard it’s not great but would it be comparable to the quest?

  2. Does the cosmos elite have higher or comparable system requirements to the quest?

  3. Can the knuckles be tracked via inside out tracking?

  4. For those who have the device, is there anything I should be particularly wary about?

While the reverb G2 would be the recommendation for most, I don’t think I could ever go back to a tethered experience (cosmos has a wireless option).

I like the idea of having a premium Vr experience in my apartment (using the light houses/full body tracking) and a lite experience (inside out tracking) if I want to take it traveling.

Thank you.

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