Let’s talk about "redirected walking" It’s incredible! but nauseating.

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I’ve recently been spending a little bit of time trying out OVR Advanced Setting’s new redirected walking feature. There are two things that I am using, automatic snap turn, and the most exciting part, redirected walking. Where it automatically turns the VR world around you, so you end up walking in circles in the real world, when in VR you feel like you walking strait. With a large enough playspace this could completely eliminate the need for teleportation or even smooth locomotion! For that reason it is BY FAR my favorite locomotion method so far.

You can change the angle of rotation, the steeper the angle the smaller the playspace you can get away with. I have settled on 2.5. right between the high (5) and the extreme (1) setting in OVR AS. It’s enough for me to walk for a little while without hitting a wall most of the time. However on lower settings like 10, this could still give you an effective extra half meter or so of playspace basically for free!

But even with a relitively large 3.5×3.5 meter playspace, Unless I put it all the way up to extreme, I still can’t fully stop myself from running into walls. So that’s where the automatic snap turning comes in. It works just like manual snap turning, but it handles it automatically whenever you are close to your walls. It helps a lot to fill in the gap of not being able to walk in a full circle. But it is much more disorienting.

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But the biggest problem for me with this, is even though I can handle smooth locomotion no problem now, the redirected movement still makes me feel a little nauseous after as little as 10 minutes. But the auto snap turning is perfectly comfortable for me. Have any of you guys tried redirected walking? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Do you have a large enough room to never need to use snap turn at all? How big is your playspace? Does it make you sick?

Here’s some gameplay of me playing Half Life Alyx with this movement method. NOTE: I am not using smooth locomotion at all, I am not manually snap turning on my controller either, and I only use teleport to go up and down. Notice how I am turning in the real world as I walk, but in game I am going strait. Very minor very early game spoilers for HL:A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjlM0Dih4sE Hopefully thisisnotbreakingtheselfpromotionrule,genuinelynottryingtopromotemydeadchannel,justtryingtogiveanexampleofwhatI’mtalkingabout.

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