Kingdom Come: Deliverance was planning VR support (and there may still be a chance)

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This original Kickstarter of Kingdom Come: Deliverance said the following:

Do you plan to support Oculus Rift?

Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, so general answer is: yes. We plan to support this awesome hardware gadget.

Oculus Rift captured the imagination of many players and you ask about it very often. Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, however we realize that the game has to be developed with Oculus in mind and we are aware of their recommended Best Practices. We shall try to stick to these recommendations, but VR is still an uncharted territory and we can’t guarantee ideal results from get go. To create horse riding experience that won’t give you motion sickness looks like a real challenge.

Last updated: Fri, February 7 2014 12:22 PM CET

Since then, people have asked the developers for VR non-stop on the Steam forum if VR is still coming. UploadVR even wrote this article about Kingdom Come: Deliverance VR;

When the developers were asked in November 2016 if VR was still planned, the community manager said that the game was still not optimined enough for VR. He said: ‘We maybe will do some VR optimization later, after release.’;

Since then, they have been silent.

So VR is still something they are considering, and since the game has been optimized times and times again, just like No Mans Sky (which was long deemed unfit for VR for the sole reason that it was not optimized enough), there’s still a chance we will get Kingdom Come: Deliverance VR.

I hope the developers still know we hyped for this game. The VR lobby discord ( is working on showing the continued VR interest to the developers, but we should all make ourselves be heard and tell the developers we really like this game to be in VR and show there’s actually a VR fanbase for this game!

Here is the link to the Steam forum if you want to follow discussions on VR for KC and this is where we should make ourselves be heard;

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