Jesse Schell’s 2016 predictions for VR through 2025

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I just watched this 2016 presentation by Jesse Schell with “40 predictions for VR in 2016, 2020, and 2025.

Here’s his slide deck if you want to just read the predictions and not watch the video, but you’ll get more out if it if you watch the video.

It’s kind of interesting to watch here in 2020 as things are really starting to kick in. In some places he’s on the money, in a few others not so much. Still though, I think he had the right idea for a lot of things.

I found #18 pretty interesting about the The Divine Comedy as a model for successful VR storytelling. In Half-Life: Alyx, Russel is Virgil, who acts to some extent as the “guide” for Alyx. This is at 11:19 (

Jesse Schell is a pretty smart guy with strong opinions, and some might find him annoying. I’ve seen him present a few times, and he is a bit intense, but pretty spot on with his observations about game design and more.

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