I replaced the Valve Index’s Lenses – no more glare, alas a bit of distortion and reduced FOV

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I replaced the Valve Index's Lenses - no more glare, alas a bit of distortion and reduced FOV

ValveRecently I experimented with some lenses because I couldn’t stand the glare of the original lenses. I bought a VR smartphone headset, took out the lenses, modelled an adapter for them, printed them and tinkered a bit with the distortion. The glare is gone, unfortunately there’s a bit of pupil swim and/or distortion and a reduced FOV but I can live with it.

If anybody wants to try this mod and maybe improve upon it, here’s the „ingredients“:

1x pair of lenses from the BOBOVR Z6 or VR Shark X6 headset:
BOBOVR Z6: http://www.bobovr.com/product/z6/ / https://de.aliexpress.com/item/33006240924.html
VR Shark X6: https://www.hi-shock.de/vr-shark-x6-vr-headset-fuer-4-7-6-2-smartphones-bluetooth

I don’t know if those two headsets are the same, but they sure look like it. They probably are just marketed with a different name in different regions. In Germany they are called VR Shark X6 and apparently you can get them as second-grade goods if you ask the distributor.

2x pieces of this adapter:

The distortion profile:

Vdeo and pictures:

[Replacement lense](https://reddit.com/link/e4y3tr/video/7j860e45m7241/player]

Deleted first video because it doesn’t really represent the actual Output.



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