I have made a list for games that I suggest people new to VR should play.

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So, with the Index coming back in stock and we are getting more and more people coming to VR I thought I would make a list of games that I suggest playing from beginner to you having fully grown “VR Legs”. I have made this list by playing the games and seeing if it’s

  1. Not dead
  2. The type of movement that it uses Ex. Teleport and smooth locomotion.

Beginner Games
The Lab Beat Saber Aperture Hand Lab
Fruit Ninja Pistol Whip Space Pirate Trainer
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Superhot VR Moondust
PokerStars VR Rec Room Climbey
BigScreen Scraper: Gauntlet Waltz of the Wizard
Silicon Rising Elven Assassin Eleven Table Tennis VR
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Zombie Training Simulator Wave
Rainbow Reactor Pizza Master VR The Talos Principle VR
Audica: Rhythm Shooter BoxVR Budget Cuts 1 and 2
Job Simulator
Some “VR Legs”
Pavlov The Wizards HellSplit Arena
Vertigo GORN The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
Espire 1 Onward Seeking Dawn
Boiling Steel Until you Fall STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale
Skyrim with mods The Thrill of the fight VRChat
Sairento VR Karnage Chronicles VR Dungeon Knight
Fully grown “VR Legs”
Boneworks Blade and Sorcery

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