I am searching for a vr headset, is it worth it?

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Hello, vr seems so cool and I really want it. Have been searching for the past month. Oculus rift s seems like the best choice for the money but from reviews and other sources it seems dead. And not important to Facebook after the quests success.(my IPD is normal 60.1mm I think so that’s not a problem). But I don’t want the quest because I want a PCVR headset because it’s faster, better graphics and most likely better response. The index is probably my dream headset but I am not going to pay 1200$ for everything(I live in Sweden so shipping and taxes get really expensive from outside Europe), and I don’t have a large room so I can’t really experience full room vr. I have probably 1,2m x 1,4(in an oval shape) to move freely. And htc Vive seems outdated. Please help is it worth buying a rift s, should I wait for prices to drop for index to around 800$, buy a Vive or just give up my searching? And of course I have a powerful computer or powerful enough for vr with usb 3.0 ports, display ports and hdmi. It’s also a fairly high ceiling(2.3m(7 feet 5)) I’m 1.83m (6 feet) tall so hitting the ceiling is not a problem.

Edit: my budget is around 850$(pushing it) and sorry if I sound like I’m bragging or being annoying just asking for advice.

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