HTC is LYING about giving you free Fallout 4 VR codes with purchase of Vive/ Vive wireless adapter.

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Title says it all. I bought my Vive about a year ago and was promised a Fallout 4 VR steam code with it. When I got my Vive a viveport code was included in the box. I entered this code on the Vive website and all I was given was a free trial to viveport, so I contacted support. They told me it takes time to process each order and that the Steam code for Fallout 4 VR would show up in my account a few days later. fair enough, so I waited…….aaaaand I waited, but nothing showed up. I was tired of dealing with support so I just gave up. I just assumed it was machine error or whatever and let it go

fast forward to now. about a month ago I bought the Vive wireless adapter. Didn’t get a Steam code. Contacted support many times. They told me it would show up on the 4th, then the 14th, then the 17th, but it never did. HTC is straight up LYING to their customers. I EVEN SHOWED THEM A DIGITAL RECEIPT OF MY PURCHASE. Just wanted to post as a warning to those still thinking about trusting HTC.

TL;DR: Vive team advertises free copy of Fallout 4 VR with Vive/Vive wireless adapter, but they are blatantly lying, you will not receive a code.

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