HP Reverb..Initial Impressions.

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Managed to get around to unboxing this afternoon and spent an hour in Elite Dangerous followed by short sessions in X-Plane 11, DCS & Project Cars 2.

Previous headsets; Vive, Vive Pro with gear vr lens mod, Pimax 5k+, Rift S.

My specs are I7 8700k @ 5ghz, 1070ti & 16gb Ram.

Set Reverb to 60hz mode.

Elite set to VR Ultra and fpsvr sat at a nice steady 60fps for the full hour. Perfect headset for reading text. Blacks are great and colours vibrant. This is my main game so very pleased so far.

Very comfortable and light. Wearing this for hours will not be a problem.

DCS was not as impressive but I’m only a casual player. Don’t think my 1070ti was up to the task. Might try lowering settings later.

X-Plane looking great, inside cockpit everything so easy to read. Outside looks so much more realistic. Can see much more detail near and far. Running Orbx UK True Earth scenery. Got a nice steady 30fps. This is my second most played game so really pleased here.

Project Cars 2, I had to lower all settings to medium and got nice steady 60fps so all good here. Looks amazing.

Definitely my favourite vr headset yet. The fov seems slightly better than Rift S. Might require a GPU upgrade at some point to get the most out of it particularly in DCS.

I have index coming on 28th and will decide which one to keep but for simulations this will be hard to beat

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