HP Reverb G2 vs. Quest. Which is a more financially and "moral" responsible option.

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I have wanted to get into VR for a while, I didn’t know what I should get, but now I have two realistic options and I’m torn which to choose. My IPD is around 69/70 so the Rift S was not an option unfortunately.

I am currently saving up for both Apartment rent and for my School, and I can’t be irresponsible, so Base Station VR like Index, Vive, and Pimax (wouldn’t consider them anyways due to poor support) are out of the question. But I really want to get into VR, because of Half Life: Alyx and it’s potential for video games. I asked about the OG Vive and the consensus was that it just isn’t worth it now.

So the first option that I am most interested in, is the HP Reverb G2. My PC can run it, but it’s $600, it’s a good value, but it’s still a lot of money. Plus there’s concerns with the WMR rings colliding with each other and the fact that we still need more info on the quality of the tracking. MRTV made two videos on a pre-production model, but I feel suspicious on how he tries to gloss over the tracking’s deadzones and how he just uses Rec Room footage and no real gameplay. So I don’t feel completely confident for the Reverb G2 right now. Might need more reviews.

The second option is the Oculus Quest, I would’ve bought it in the first place, but the reason I didn’t and why I’m asking you guys is due to Facebook’s connection to it and how “weird” the Quest works which makes me suspicious. Firstly, I do not want to use it’s standalone features, I want to use steam exclusively as it’s more open and is guaranteed to work if I switch HMD’s. Even with Virtual Desktop, I can’t use it due to my wifi set up makes it difficult to use it for wireless. Why does the Quest need to work for me to download an app on my phone? Why not a Rift S then? Like I said, IPD around 69/70 so the Quest is a better choice.

While I looked into the Odyssey Plus, I would rather feel confident in the tracking volume of the G2 and Quest than the O/O+’s 2 cameras.

Am I too paranoid of the Quest and that I’m acting foolish? Is the extra wait and cash worth it for the G2? Or should I just wait for the next big thing that might be the best for my situation and IPD?

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