HP Reverb G2 + index controllers or valve index?

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I’m having trouble deciding on what to upgrade to. I’m using the og htc vive with the index controllers currently and I want to upgrade my setup for better immersion when playing. I saw that you can use the index controllers with the g2 + base stations and was leaning towards that but apparently the index has a bigger FOV and higher fps and the better base stations. Would it be worth to get the index setup or get the g2 and get the adpters to us the index controllers? My pc has ryzen 2700x 16gb ram at 3000mhz and 1070 strix.

Edit 1: after reading and replying to your comments, im think of putting an order in for the index headset alone because i already have the knuckles and base stations 1.0. And also pre-order the G2 and when they come, to see which I like better and return the one I dont like. What are your thoughts about doing this? ( side note: can anyone send a link to where I can pre-order the G2 for canada. Im not sure when I can do that.) Thanks.

Edit 2: So I’ve been doing some research on there is a reddit guide to set up the WMR with the knuckles and people have been doing it for over a year now and from what ive found is that the only problem people have been having to some strafing/ghosting with the controllers but some report that it might be because of the WMR headsets. And the people that have reported it have been a select few compared to the many that have done it correctly. The firmware also gets frequent updates from what ive been reading. So I think if already have the base stations and knuckles it might be worth to give it a shot to have “the best setup”. I hope this helps and I’ll update on what my final decision is. Still leaning towards getting both headsets and returning the one i find the least enjoyable.

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