HP Reverb controller not working

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Hey there,

I just purchased HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset and the controllers doesn’t seem to pair with the headset. I switched the controllers on and got the headset itself setup and run fine with Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

From within WMR portal I tried clicking the “…” bottom-left button and the “Set up controllers”, no app is found I just being suggested to launch the Windows Store for finding an apps that supports “mixedreality-deviceapp link” (I’m located in Israel, but also tried changing Windows Store location to the US)

In a video HP published they mention and app named “HP Reverb VR Headset Setup” which is a companion app for the HP Reverb that should help with controllers re-pairing, there is no such app found on my machine and I can’t seems to find it anywhere on the net.

I’m using Windows 10 64bit on a desktop computer which doesn’t have any bluetooth dongle or card, but I understood that the headset itself has a built-in bluetooth radio and the controllers should come paired out of the box.

Do I need a bluetooth card/dongle for the controllers (despite the built-in headset radio)?

Any idea where can I find the “HP Reverb VR Headset Setup”?

Any help would be appreciated, I out of ideas at the moment.

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