How to build an AR headset (A prototype atleast)

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So I was thinking with spatial computing becoming more popular and all, it’ll only be a matter of time before it becomes ubiquitous and as we have blogs on ‘building your own PC’ nowadays, the same thing is gonna happen for AR headsets. So this is a post on all the basic components you will need and the companies manufacturing them. I haven’t really pulled this off yet but I’m looking to and have done some research on it.

Also, I’m no expert so I would like you all to contribute down in the comments and I’ll update the post as more and more information becomes available. This might not even lead to anything right now but it’ll certainly be useful when the right technology comes along. Who is this for? Hobbyists or professionals looking to build a basic prototype of a spatial computing device.

I get that AR headsets will vary largely from what display/optics technology used, so I’m gonna include all possible ways I know of. Here are the basic components you’ll need (Let me know if I missed any)

I’ve only researched about the display/optics technologies for now, so I’m gonna start with that, and I’ll update the post as more information becomes available.


  • Diffractive Waveguides
    • Implemented in
  1. Microsoft Hololens
  2. Magic Leap
  3. Vuzix
  4. Sony SmartEyeGlass
  • Manufacturers
  1. Wave Optics
  2. Digilens
  3. Dispelix
  4. Lumus Opticals
  5. Sony

  • Birdbath/Freeform Prism
    • Implemented in
  1. nreal
  2. 0Glass
  3. Google glass
  4. Realwear
  5. Hisene
  6. Ned+
  7. LLVision

  • Giant Reflectors
    • Implemented in
  1. Mira
  2. Realmax
  3. Leap Motion North Star (Polaris-AR)
  4. Meta
  5. Ximmerse RhinoX
  6. Dreamworld
  7. Lenovo Mirage AR

  • Reflective Waveguides
    • Implemented in
  1. Lumus DK-51
  2. Lochn
  3. Optivent

  • Pin Mirror
    • Implemented in
  1. Kura
  • Manufactured by
  1. LetinAR

  • Holographic Reflector
    • Implemented in
  1. Focals by North

  • MicroOLED Displays
    • Manufactured by
  1. Fraunhofer FEP
  2. Emagin
  3. Sony
  4. Olightek
  5. HoloEye

  • Transparent MicroOLED Displays
    • Manufactured by
  1. Play Nitride
  2. Wisechip


Real-World Tracking/SLAM

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