How come most games turn with headset/controller?

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Saints & Sinners is the only game with free locomotion I know of right now where I can freely walk with my knuckle thumbsticks without worrying about turning my head and my in game character turning with it.

So in most games, turning has to be attached to either the headset or controllers and it always throws me off on a game. If I’m running and I want to look back, I hate having to adjust my thumb on the stick so that I don’t end up turning my in game body when I turn my head. On the other hand, I can’t stand having turning set to the position of the controllers either.

I wish more games allowed turnjng to only be controlled by the thumbstick. It’s really disorienting to me in games and breaks my immersion. I understand why those two options are in games, I just wish there were more games that allow you to opt out of both.

So why don’t more games allow you to turn off turning with headset/controllers? What games do you know of with free locomotion that doesn’t force you to turn with headset/controller?

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