Help me VR, you’re my only hope: Budget Cuts, second level near Acquisitions.

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OK – I figured out how to teleport across from window to window, I got the next text, she said to go to Acquisitions but I need the keycard and that is near the manager. So I walk down the hall, the manager is to the left, but the guard will see me and kill me. So I figure out, punch out the air grill and walk through the closet to get to the manager’s desk. Then, there’s a note on his desk saying that the a keycard is on someone’s desk in the “yellow area”. I look over the balcony and I see some areas but none look yellow and I explored all of the areas getting killed many times and found nothing.

I’m embarrassed but someone must tell me how to find this keycard so I can get on the acquisitions elevator/door.

PS: This is the first VR game where I almost got so immersed that I forgot about reality. When I got into the manager’s guard post, I was crouching down and I tried to use the desk to lean down. I fell on the floor laughing. This is already a great game but I’m stumped.

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