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"Haunted House" Production with Live, Professional Actors

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Since Halloween and these sort of performances have effectively been cancelled, for the past couple months I have been working with cast members from Tenderclaw’s The Under Presents and a few others to create an immersive theatre haunt in VR. We have an ensemble cast of 12 and — as far as I’m aware — this is the first time something like this has been done. It’s nothing terribly highbrow as we’re still figuring out how these sorts of performances can work within the medium, but so far our audiences have had a lot of fun!

If you’re itching to fill that Halloween void or interested in seeing how the immersive theatre scene is dealing with the pandemic via VR, definitely check it out. Each show runs 20-25 minutes. We have shows scheduled every Thursday through Sunday until November 1st at the following times each night:

8:35PM EDT / 7:30PM CDT / 6:30PM MDT / 5:30PM PDT

9:15PM EDT / 8:15PM CDT / 7:15PM MDT / 6:15PM PDT

9:50PM EDT / 8:50PM CDT / 7:50PM MDT / 6:50PM PDT

10:30PM EDT / 9:30PM CDT / 8:30PM MDT / 7:30PM PDT


PARA is a horror experience which lives within the intersection of immersive theatre and virtual reality. The audience is greeted and treated as prospective clients as they are introduced to the company’s newest innovation: a true artificial intelligence. While PARA’s ambitions seem pure, not all is as it seems at this prodigious startup. As the narrative unfolds, guests play witness to the follies of unchecked ambition and the sacrifices necessary to stay on the bleeding edge.

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