[GUIDE] How to play Half-Life Source (With or Without Co-Op) in VR through Garry’s Mod

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First things first, I was inspired by https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/e8g864/detailed_guide_halflife_2_campaign_in_vr_via/ which I found from Ben Plays VR on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVjrpufOzTd3jZsUGs-L0g. Since I had never completed Half-Life 1, I set out to see if I could give Half-Life Source the same treatment. Well, I succeeded.
Mods required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2019189157
You must own Half-Life: Source and Half-Life 2 on steam and link them to Garry’s Mod for this to work!

How To Use:

  1. install all the mods from the collection. Make sure you also follow the installation instructions from the VR mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1678408548
  2. launch SteamVR
  3. start up garry’s mod
  4. ensure that the mods are enabled and that Half-Life: Source and Half-Life 2 are both linked to Garry’s Mod
  5. Start a new game – use the Half-Life Co-Op gamemode and the Half-Life Resized maps.
  6. open the console
  7. run mat_specular 0 to fix the specular rendering
  8. [Optional, but recommended] run hl1_coop_sv_custommodels 1 to enable playermodels and select the Gordon Freeman playermodel you downloaded earlier. This step is not required but I find the default model the gamemode gives you to be too low-poly for VR.
  9. [May not be needed] run hl1coop_weprepl_crowbar weapon_crowbar to replace the HL1 crowbar with the HL2 crowbar so that it utilizes the “VRMod improved HL2 weapons” features, allowing physical swings to be used as attacks. It’s entirely possible the features are also applied to the HL1 crowbar but since it isn’t specified I assume it’s not.
  10. run vrutil_autostart 1 so that VR is automatically started after a map transition – otherwise you will have to manually start VR again every time!
  11. run vrmod_start to start VR
  12. you are now ready to put on your HMD and grab your motion controllers and play Half-Life 1 in VR!

Important Notes:

  • When climbing ladders, the controls are a bit finicky. It’s best to face the ladder and position both arms above or below you to move in the correct direction.
  • When in water, the position of your right hand controls going up/down. (I think, let me know if it’s the left hand and not the right)

Known Issues (I haven’t actually completed the game yet so this list may get added to later)

  • you cannot see your “score” (mechanic used to provide different respawn options)
  • you must use the desktop to respawn if your score is above 100 (you can just open the SteamVR overlay, show the desktop, and click one of the options)
  • You cannot jump as high out of water as you can in non-VR, so you may occasionally have to exit VR using vrmod_exit, jump out of the water onto the desired surface, and then use vrmod_start to re-enter VR.
  • the trams do not respond to motion controller input – you must use the W and S keys on your physical keyboard to control them. The SteamVR overlay keyboard may or may not also work but is not recommended due to how much time it takes to open it.
  • In Blast Pit if you die after the elevator has fallen you may respawn and checkpoint before the elevator, so you may need to noclip to get past it. Since you cannot noclip downwards with VR controls from what I’ve seen, you will need to run vrmod_exit, use normal controls to noclip down, and then run vrmod_start to re-enter VR.

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