GT 1030/Other low end GPU’s Work pretty well on many VR Games.

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I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the 1030 wont be able to run any VR Games. Well after testing it out on some games, i can say that they’re 100% wrong.

The Good:
Pavlov VR: Set your resolution to 80% on the steam VR Settings, and it will run at a smooth 90 fps.
Gorn: Resolution at 100% will run at 90 fps, occasional stutters after defeating a lot of enemies.
Beat Saber: Runs amazingly well, and you can always turn the resolution/rendering up or down for the best experience
Blade and Sorcery: Runs pretty well, occasional stutters after defeating a lot of enemies, may want to turn down your resolution to around 80%.
Superhot VR: Runs perfectly, haven’t experienced any stuttering at all.
Virtual Rickality: Runs well, occasional stutters, may want to turn resolution down to around 90% for the best experience.
Rec Room: Runs great on most games, occasional stutters on demanding minigames such as laser tag.
Payday 2: Runs OK on 70% rendering, May want to turn it down to 50% for the best experience
Minecraft VR/Vivecraft: Absolutely crisp and amazing framerate.

The Bad:
Fallout 4 VR: Runs OK at 20%, But by then you’re basically just staring at pixels.
Skyrim VR: Runs OK at 40%, But you’re basically just playing minecraft at that point.
Arizona Sunshine: Runs OK at 40%, But you’re basically just playing Left 4 Dead by then.
The Forest: Runs OK at 40%, But again, you’re just playing minecraft.

I hope this list has helped some people with low end PC’s wanting to run VR, as some people may think they are unable to play on the Vive/oculus/mixed reality.

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