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Ok, once and for all now, what are YOUR opinions on creating full dive. Is it plausible for humanity? How long would it take (estimate)? I would like to know your views…

My opinion:

Since the dawn of man, we have created new technology and that rapidity is increasing. If we look back at technological advancements related/leading to gaming and VR, there’s an increasing gradient of world grappling inventions:

1712 – Steam engine

*1752 – Lightening rod (basically the start of electricity)*

*1814 – Photography*

1876 – Telephone

*1877 – Film*

1895 – Cinematography

*1904 – Colorized photos*

*1947 – Mobile phones, artificial intelligence*

1956 – Video recorders

*1957 – Satellite*

*1958 – Video games*

*1962 – Virtual reality*

*1969 – Internet*

1973 – Cell phones

1975 – PC

1989 – WWW

1990 – Photoshop

*1991 – Virtual reality games*

1998 – Computer animations

2010 – Modern VR

*2015 – Holographic augmented reality*

*2019 – Early photorealism*

20?? – Full-dive virtual reality

Now that the timeline’s out of the way, it’s time to make some speculations. Breakthroughs are highlighted with **. From early electricity to photography, it had taken 62 years, but from film to artificial intelligence, it took 70 years. That simply disregards my point, however, from simplistic virtual reality to holographic augmented reality, it had only taken 53 years. To sum it up, to get from augmented reality to what I believe is the next stage: full-dive, it would take us 8 more years to get from 2019 to full-dive in 2027 at the rate of which we are going right now. Hopefully at least. I really don’t want to face reality but I would say the realistic time period of development between Japan’s Alpha Project (Virtual reality) in 2016 and the actual thing itself would be in a timespan of 10-40 years (that is 2026 to 2056 release date).

What are your thoughts?

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