Excessive Voice Overs in Virtual Reality Games

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An internet search reveals no results for this title’s terms, and only adverts for companies seeking to hire more voice actors for video games. Maybe it was a run of bad luck against a personal pet peeve of mine, but I’m finding more than a few games unplayable because the disembodied voice narrator never shuts up, ever.

Started with The Naked Sun opening with a voiced intro like usual, no problem. However, the intro voice didn’t stop once the game began. It began saying useful things like ‘There’s enemies in front of you’, etc. Stuff plainly obvious using my own eyes but for some reason the game felt needed constant, uninterrupted narration.

Quit that after 5 minutes, luckily it costed a dollar. Load up Boiling Steel. Game starts off with disembodied voice speaking for several minutes. Nothing important that couldn’t be inferred by just looking around the game world, just random human noise culminating in a 2 minute crawl towards a portal which upon reaching the disembodied voice informed me I should ‘Go through that portal’. OK. After porting, the narrator immediately began another long-winded spiel about something or other and I quit out.

Moving on then. Theseus which I thought would be some kind of action-adventure game is instead a walking simulator narrated by a young male pretending to be a ghost of some spirit woman with constant, non-stop narrative. Nothing weird there.

I mean, I understand games need narration for storytelling, character development, and plot but I’m returning VR games based on the fact that they have a torrent of unrelenting dialogue with no purpose other than to annoy. I’m really lamenting the fact that classic game designers didn’t have voice overs and did so much within their game worlds when systems and tech were so underpowered. Now the tech and VR systems exist and games are polluted with modern game design features that are used poorly. A paranoid person might claim the implementation was worse than poor, and actually existed as some kind of test, asking the question: ‘Will players put up with this irritating Element in order to play the game?’

Anybody else feel annoyed at VR games where the game takes a backseat to the VO?

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