Elite VR Cockpit for Elite Dangerous no HOTAS needed, my experience

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My experience with Elite VR Cockpit for Elite Dangerous and some of my thoughts and recommendations. Elite VR Cockpit is an overlay to use with Elite Dangerous and makes it so you can use a virtual HOTAS and have virtual floating holo-buttons in the game. You can use your VR controllers to fully fly the ship.

– Don’t have to buy a HOTAS or joystick
– 6DOF one handed flying or virtual HOTAS setup
– Virtual HOTAS
– Impressively accurate analog flying even for combat
– More accurate then dual thumb-sticks
– Awesome floating holograph buttons
– You can move around and re-position the virtual controls
– Works well with VoiceAttack(paid) or VoiceMacro(free)

– Alpha status, little buggy and incomplete
– Not quite as accurate as twin full sized joysticks
– Number of holo-buttons limited by software
– Star-map control not implemented yet
– 6DOF for all situations not implemented yet
– Twin virtual-joystick setup not implemented
– Limited number of mapped VR controller buttons
– Inconsistent scrolling and selecting in menus (Vive touchpads)
– Oculus app breaks it but there is a work around

Start with Elite VR Cockpit first then add VoiceMacro(free) or Voice Attack. Carefully follow dantman’s instructions on his website. Try it in the training levels and practice levels. Don’t add too many holo-buttons or it’ll freeze up. Only add about 8 and use VoiceMacro for the rest of the ship control. Make sure you post on dantman’s GitHub site and thank him for his work.

Elite VR Cockpit https://github.com/dantman/elite-vr-cockpit
My VoiceMacro Profile for Elite https://www.voicemacro.net/ForumVM/discussion/353/jdawgs-elite-dangerous-vr-profile#latest
Voice Attack Elite setup https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/collections/voice-packs/products/hcstools

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