Developers needed to connect 3D audio application to Augmented Reality

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I am looking for people who would be interested in working to bring a 3D audio application to the Augmented Reality space.

This is the 3d audio application I developed.

I can confirm it works for stereo headphones. I haven’t tested surround sound yet.

I was thinking of getting sensors together and some microcontroller with bluetooth to send positional x,y,z location data of an object to the application. The application would then send audio to wireless headphones or surround sound speakers.

Anyone interested? Also any advice on sensors to use or sending information to the computer application?


I did not explain the augmented reality application. Basically someone can walk around in a physical room and hear certain sounds programmed into a virtual copy of the real physical room. The sounds are then heard on headphones or surround sound speakers.

An example is you can hear a virtual guitar played in one physical room and even hear it more loudly as you get closer to the virtual guitar player.

I think this would be great for haunted houses or other mixed reality apps.

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