Change audio latency in Beat Saber on quest.

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It is stuck at 90ms and I can’t override it because everytime I do, it goes back to 0.

The problem here is I’m making a lot of bad cuts because I hit the blocks too soon and when my saber is on the way back, because I missed the block, it cuts it in reverse. When recording myself to see the problem, I noticed that I have almost no delay on the beat of any songs, so I always cut the blocks with the very tip of the blade so it’s always on the fence of hitting it, or being too soon.

I don’t want any answer about “just delay your cuts”. This is not a fix and is a lazy answer. For me, it’s not natural because I feel late one the beat. This may be due by the fact that I’m a musician, playing in orchestras where being as precise as possible on the beat is a must and feels natural after years of studying.

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