Catheter Tracking Project

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Hi everyone,

For a project, I need to be able to track a catheter in 3D space to +/-0.5 cm accuracy. Essentially the catheter can be assumed to be a rigid cylinder with 3 mm diameter and 30 cm long. Up to 7 cm of this can be inserted inside of an object while it is moved around with the hand. The movement will be implemented in unity (not required but we think is best) to measure the relative distance between the catheter and another stationary object. It doesn’t matter how we accomplish this; so far we have thought of computer vision and augmented reality. Let me know if you need additional details

Here is what I have thought up so far:

1) Use Vuforia’s model target to track the object. This was later ruled out as model targets cannot be made at runtime.

2) ARkit could be used although none of the group members are able to code with it… ARcore does not have object tracking features.

3) OpenCV to track the boundary of the object and send the coordinates to unity to move the object (currently the method of choice). We believe it will be difficult to have sufficient accuracy in this.

4) Use Vuforia’s image targets on the catheter and project the AR object immediately behind them. This is not ideal because of the rather large targets.

Could you please provide advice how we can achieve this? Anything would be helpful.

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