Calling all American or Taiwanese AR users! – Dissertation Survey

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Hi all

I’m a Scottish university student writing my 4th year dissertation. My dissertation title is “The Effect of Cultural Dimensions on the Acceptance of Educational Augmented Reality Technology.” The two countries I have chosen to analyse the cultural dimensions of are Taiwan and the USA, which will require me collecting information from people of each country. I have created a 14 question survey (all multiple choice) which asks users users opinions on augmented reality (AR) and whether they find it useful, easy to use and what they perceive the opinion of AR to be amongst those close to them. Using the answers from this I will be able to analyse the data and determine how cultural dimensions and opinions effect the likelihood of a person using a new technology, which in this case is educational AR. The survey is completely anonymous and no email is required. Any responses would be greatly appreciated and help massively!

Here is the AMERICAN survey link —>

Here is the TAIWANESE survey link —>



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