Bowser’s Fury is a heavy metal remix of Super Mario 3D World

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With Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury for the Switch, Nintendo is once again giving a great Wii U game a second chance on a more successful platform. But it’s also more than just a straight port. In addition to the main game, this rerelease also includes a separate experience — the titular Bowser’s Fury. It’s essentially a built-in expansion pack with a strong heavy metal vibe to remix the classic gameplay.

For starters, you don’t actually have to play 3D World to access Bowser’s Fury. Both titles are accessible right from the main menu, and you can swap between them at will. Progress in one doesn’t appear to impact the other. Fundamentally, the two games are the same: Bowser’s Fury still plays and controls just like 3D World, which…

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