AR in EDU (K-12)

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Any K-12 teachers out there who create AR lessons and activities for their students? Or have their students create AR experiences?

For the non-teachers in here, do you see a class or activities that include the creation of AR experiences as beneficial for students? I feel like I’m the only public educator out there who sees a huge burst of technology and experiences for EDU. I’m considering offering a high school 3D modeling course next year that would integrate AR development. I feel like these are applicable skills for a wide variety of occupations: graphic design, art concepts, computer science, media production, the list goes on.

If you had a class like this at your school would you have taken it? What kind of projects would you envision completing? I’m still very new to development (using primarily Reality Composer), but I can see the writing on the wall. Both literally and figuratively.

Note: I’m a huge fan of WebXR. It frees users from the confines of an app, which can offer more functionality, but limits the access users have to the artifacts.

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