AR Clothing via Instagram Filters

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I run Koka Filters and thought I’d share my brand’s first step into AR clothing.

You can check out our first teaser here:

How it works

  • User buys the t-shirt
  • Heads to our Instagram account, kokafilters
  • Taps on the effects section
  • Finds a filter they like and clicks on Try it
  • Use the rear camera to scan the Koka v1.0 emblem (does not work on the front camera)
  • Takes a photo or records video – then shares to story or saves it.

It isn’t as grand as some of the things I have seen here and elsewhere, but I wanted to make it happen. Future plans involve refining/creating new filters, artists collaborations and deploying the same for other brands.

Let me know if you have any questions, will be happy to answer them!

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