Market Influencer Training

Do your ideal customers think about you all day long? If you want to dominate and influence
your market, this is the level you need to achieve. Forget “top of search
results”, “top voice on LinkedIn”, “top list of people to follow”, and “Ted
Talks”. You must be Top of Mind to succeed. If you can’t reach Top of Mind with
your ideal clients, how can you influence your market? You would just be
leading in search results or winning in social media… It’s helpful for sure
but does it really matter if your ideal audience doesn’t think of you when they need you? There
are two ways people come to thinking of you during the day

  1. You directly trigger their memory
  2. You plant your seeds of inception and watch your business grow

Would it be a bad idea for us to talk more?

If you rely on your ads and marketing to trigger their thinking of you, how much
time do you think it’s going to take to influence your market? How long will it
take you to own it and become as successful as you want to become? Could being in
second place or worse mean losing millions of dollars to your competitors or maybe even the
closing the doors of your business? Think about Pepsi versus Coke or Amazon versus any other
retailer in the world. Being a market leader means you get many benefits
but this power certainly is not without risk and so, is not for everyone. The
risks include

  • the necessity to continually defend your position
  • fall from the top can be challenging and scary
  • may not be as nimble in a changing marketplace
  • may have a relatively higher overhead for R&D and maintaining position

With these risks, however, you can offset them with the incredible rewards of
being a market influence. You’ll enjoy

  • the benefit of massive market share (over 70% – 90%+ in some rare cases and
    of course, majority share as a leader)
  • positioned to dictate prices and market direction
  • seen as “Ultimate Provider”
  • choice of customers

some of the most well-known name brands are market leaders and many of them by a

  • Apple (57%+ in mobile vendor market share in US)
  • Tesla (80% US Electric Vehicle Sales)
  • Amazon (90%+ market share in multiple categories)
  • Google (92%+ search engine market share globally)

Are you opposed to getting started now?


On your own – No, not at all. It takes a lot of work to achieve and maintain market
leadership. To reach the point where people think about you constantly without
you triggering their thoughts directly, you have to solve their problems in a
real way, every day. You have to solve their challenges before they even know
they have them. You also must work hard to defend your position. Your ideal
prospects have many sources trying to get their attention. Most businesses at
this fail in the long run due to lack of research, knowledge, and focus.

You and me together? Oh yeah! We’re past the biggest challenges you’re going to face in this endeavor.


Yes! Of course, you can. You can do this completely on your own if you want. You can
learn everything you need to know by watching me and studying. You don’t need me
to help you get there. You have what it takes to be a market leader. You have
what it takes to influence the most prised posession in the world, the
people’s thoughts. What’s the point of working with me then anyways? I will bring my
experience, my scrappiness, I’m hacky by nature (I do what it takes to get
things done), and most importantly I bring the right people and tools
together to make you one profitable SOB. Through the right team, the right
experience, tools, and target, you can win. You can become a market influencer and lead your market.

Where should we go from here?