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Inspire Yourself with Your Vision


What can you do if you are not convinced your vision is going to work? Do you freak out? Do you doubt yourself or give up?


First, never give up, never back down, always push ahead. Many of us are afraid of the future. Generally, it is due to our fear of the unknown. What if you could control the future or the way you think about it? When you have a team to lead, you must have vision for where you’re headed. It can be daunting though to consider that sometime in the future, your vision may fall through. There is a way to guard against that though. Vision that falls through has typically been claimed victim to fear and self-doubt.


Self-doubt is rooted in how you perceive yourself. How do you think about yourself? How do you talk to yourself? Are you powerful and confident? Do you always succeed? Do you always achieve the goals you set for yourself? Most of us neglect to think of ourselves positively in this way. Why is that?


Imagine what would happen if I gave you a way to adjust the way you think about yourself. What difference could that make for you? For your life and career? Think about what your life could be like if you were always confident and knew that whatever goal you set, you would accomplish it.

Changing the way you think about yourself even by a small fraction can and will alter your future.

It’s small adjustments, the small habits, the culmination of small improvements over time that create the biggest difference.

Any time you have negativity in your mind, negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, your future: think of the positive alternative. “I am confident”, “I am courageous”, “I always succeed”.

Whenever you hear your inner dialogue doubting your own abilities, catch it Catch yourself, and change it to the opposite, positive dialogue. Like, “I am confident”, “I am the best”, or “I succeed at everything I put myself to”. It’s better if you can say it out loud and hear the sound of it. You may not always be in the right setting to say it out loud but if you can find a place where you feel comfortable doing it, or even if you whisper it under your breath – Take the time to master this.


You now need a way to prove to yourself that you can and do achieve anything you set yourself to.

GOALS. You must write down your goals. If you don’t write them down they are going to fade from your mind and may never become reality. You already have a vision for your department, what you need now are goals to help you accomplish that end.

Take your vision and distil that down to what you need to accomplish over the next 30 days. Write the things you know you need to do to make progress towards your vision over the next month. This is a simple form of goal creation. I usually recommend something much more robust which includes goals for Health, Wealth, Relationships, and General Happiness but for this one, we’re going with the light version.

Now that you have your next 30 days worth of requirements, focus the list down to just the one most important thing you must do. What is it? Comment below on what that one most important thing for you to do within the next 30 days.

I realize you have a lot to do but pause and focus for a second. Focus is a learned skill. Most people try to manage many things at once. Forget that and just focus on one thing. Get that one thing done and repeat the process. It’s critical that you do just ONE thing. If it’s hard to narrow the list down, that’s fine – I understand. Get the list down to five items and erase four of them so you can focus on just one.

When you are writing out your goals for the next 30 days, they must be in present tense as if you have completed them. Let’s say you have a goal to meet with key stakeholders to show off a new feature you’ve built. Write that goal like this: “I have met with key stakeholders and they are excited about everything the new feature does for them”.

Placing the context in present tense paints a vivid picture in your mind of what it will be like when you do finally complete it. It makes each of your goals a reality for your subconscious. The only thing remaining is for reality to catch up with what your mind already believes is true.

I realize that this list of tasks doesn’t resemble the SMART goals you may have heard of. The only thing missing from this list to make the items look like something most would consider a goal is for it to be measurable. I agree that it’s great for goals to be measurable but don’t worry about doing that for all of your goals. It’s more important to get stuff done than to nitpick every detail. Add measurability to those goals that it makes sense for but don’t force it. Just get it done and get moving.

General Patton said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”


When you successfully complete your first goal from your 30-day list, you’re gonna feel energized. In fact, you’ll be excited to take on your next goal from the list. Keep the momentum going and complete another.

Your confidence will be through the roof by this point. When that is the case, review your goals and beef them up. Make them more challenging and aspirational. Reject the fear to hold back. Run full-force at accomplishing your goals and boosting your efforts.

Before you go crazy with all of these goals though, remember… just focus on one at a time and get it done. Fine, pinpoint, focus. Focus all of your time, energy, and power into completing just one goal before another.


Trying to do more than one thing at a time can and usually will slow you down. If you end up completing the tasks at all, the work is likely to be sloppy in the end. So focus yourself on just one goal and violently execute on it. Get it done and out of the way, then move on. No regrets.

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