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Inspire Your Target Market with Vision


Best vehicle ever made. Period


Best vehicle ever made. Period. What kind of image does your mind paint for you when you hear that? Comment below to share the image you have.

For some it may invoke an image of safety, for others, it might be of excitement. Maybe someone else might envision quality. Whatever that image is for you, the simple phrase, “Best vehicle ever made” holds many promises. It allows people to place their ideals on the product and opens up the possibility to see themselves using it. In fact, it goes beyond that. Not just possibility but opportunity. Moreso, If they don’t get that vehicle, what will they be missing out on?


Fear of loss drives us to do crazy things. The fear to miss out on, seemingly limited opportunities, can lead us to make choices that are sometimes outside of our own best interest.

Best product ever made. Period. Have you placed your order yet? Creating a compelling vision can be challenging. Inspiring others with that vision is a whole nother level of accomplishment within itself. There is one way to do this. Turn your vision into a story.

Your vision story must contain three components to be memorable and to stick with people for a long time. Be aware that it is an iterative process and will likely not happen overnight. It could take years to perfect this but keep at it and continue refining.

First, understand who your target audience is and meet them where they’re at. Ask questions about who they are and what is the biggest problem you are solving for them. What do they enjoy doing most in their leisure time? Do they have a family? What kind of work do they do? Who do they associate with? What do they value most and why?

Second, set your vision in a story that includes your target audience or provide a story they can relate to. Once you understand your target market/audience, you can trigger events in your story that they can relate to. You can produce events that they have been in before and imagine what it was like being in that situation. Maybe you can trigger thoughts of what the future might be like for them based on their own values, fears, and insecurities. Through a vision story, you can show how the vision you have is what they have wanted for themselves all along.


Third, ensure the story is memorable by enticing an emotional response. People make decisions based on emotions. We remember information through emotional connection. If you can, drive your story off of people’s fear of loss. If people feel like they are going to miss out if they choose another path or wait too long, they are going to have you and your vision always floating around in their subconscious. If people fear the loss of your business, they will fight to keep you alive. They will share your story and vision with others because they feel emotionally responsible to do so.


Best vehicle ever made. Period. This is Tesla’s marketing message. How often have you heard their story? How would you put their vision into words? How many times have you talked about their story or even parts of it within the last 12 months? Tesla’s vision is shared in nearly every story about them. Even the stories that appear negative, their vision is present. Remember the three things that you need to use for inspiring your target market with vision. Know them, allow them to relate to your vision through story, and create an emotional connection to help them remember. If you can, target their fear of loss.


So, how are you inspiring your target audience with vision? Are you using a story? If so, what is your story? Comment below on that. I’d like to hear your thoughts and ways of executing. Remember to subscribe, now. No regrets.
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