How To Use VIVE Trackers with Oculus Rift S?

Can you use Vive trackers with Oculus Rift S? 

Vive trackers also known as “Pucks”, or singularly – a “Puck”, are object trackers that you can get to your VR device. They can be used as full-body trackers as well if you have enough to track the parts of your body to be seen moving in VR. If you choose to get Vive trackers though¸ you should know whether or not you can use them along with your existing Oculus Rift S. Just because Oculus Rift S uses inside-out tracking with built-in tracking hardware/software combo doesn’t mean you should be limited to just using that.

Yes – yes, you can use Vive trackers along with Oculus Rift S. However, you cannot get them and use them straight out of the box. You will need to have the base stations to identify and follow the location of the trackers. Hence, you should think about getting the base stations along with your Vive tracker during the same purchase if you  don’t already have them. (Note if you have V1.0 trackers, logo on the bottom of the puck is white, get the 1.0 lighthouses. If you have the 2.0 version, logo on the bottom of the puck is blue get/use the 2.0 lighthouses).

You will also need to be sure you are running your Rift on SteamVR to successfully utilize the Outside-in Vive Trackers with your Rift S Head Mounted Display (HMD).

There are numerous options available for the Oculus Rift S users to get into and use full-body tracking with the VR devices. Out of the options available, Vive trackers have received a lot of attention. That’s because the Vive trackers are in a position to deliver a perfect experience to all the users without costing relatively too much money. 

Also, many VR content developers out there in the world now are keen to go ahead with delivering full-body experiences. In the meantime, we can see how a significant demand has grown for the increasing popularity of 3D experiences. Vive trackers are embracing the technology and along with time we can use them to experience these new VR experiences produced by our courageous content creators.

When you compare Vive trackers along with other similar options available such as VR treadmills and suits, you will likely find that you can purchase them for a cheaper price but will not sacrifice on quality. On top of that, Vive Pucks are in a position to deliver a truly immersive experience for you as well. When you purchase Vive trackers, you will be receiving a set of trackers if you buy them in a set. A single tracker is fairly small in size. Maybe a little smaller than the typical computer mouse. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on purchasing expensive peripherals for full-body tracking to enhance your VR gaming and other immersive VR experiences, you should take a look at Vive trackers. 

Go ahead and get the immersive VR content viewing experience on your Oculus Rift S. All you have to do to add the full-immersion and suspend your disbelief  is to spend a little extra on the Vive trackers. It’ll be money well spent because of the amazing experience that you can enjoy afterwards. This would be one of the cheapest options available for you to get full-body tracking on Oculus Rift S as well. 

While keeping these facts in mind, you can move to the next step of purchasing Vive trackers for your Oculus Rift S. If you need additional information, you can take a look at YouTube. There are numerous videos, which tell how you will be able to use Vive trackers along with Oculus Rift S. To check out some of the tracking options available and to support the work we’re doing here check out one of the Amazon links on this page for more information.

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