How Far Is XR from My Vision for the CAMP1872 Xperience?

Imagine entering a circular stage, 60% of it surrounded by a wall of LED video screens 20 ft high. Displayed on the wall are the rugged, eroded grasslands of the Western Great Plains between the Platte and Republican Rivers, land still haunted by dwindling herds of bison. You find yourself in the midst of a temporary hunting camp on US Army tents. It is sunrise on January 15th. The year is 1872. All around you, bluecoats of the 2nd Cavalry are readying for the second day of what will become known as the Royal Buffalo Hunt, organized by General Phil Sheridan, who has invited his hunting buddy George Custer and scores of Lakota tribesmen and their families. Guiding the hunt is 26 year old William F. Cody. The guest of honor is 22 yr old Russian Grand Duke Alexis, the son of the Czar of All the Russias.

What makes this scene unique is that apart for the Unreal created landscape, the camp, the soldiers, the Lakota, their horses and mules, freight wagons, all are life sized augmented reality projections that can interact with the “visitors” using ML.

If you’d like to see the actual location of Camp Alexis, check out the 360 deg drone panorama here: We visited the site late last month.

So, crazy idea? Definitely. Doable? I think so. What do you think?

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