GT 1030/Other low end GPU’s Work pretty well on many VR Games.


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Who said the 1030s couldn’t play any VR games?

A friend of mine couldn’t afford a 2080 on his budget but was entranced by VR enough to fork out enough money to get a Dell Optiplex. Maybe he could have waited a bit, but the damage was done, and we had to salvage the situation. As it turns out, there weren’t many problems in the first place, and here’s a record of our experiences with many popular titles.

Games that Really Played Well

  • Vivecraft/ Minecraft VR: Just perfect. Crisp, gripping, and with an amazing framerate.
  • Superhot VR: Didn’t stutter even once.
  • Beat Saber: It’s still surprising how smoothly this one ran, but it’s always best to turn down the rendering
  • Gorn: This title stutters once in a while at 100% Resolution, especially after you take down many enemies.
  • Virtual Rickality: Ran well, but we didn’t get the best out of the game till we reduced the resolution down by 10%.
  • Pavlov VR: When you turn down the steam VR resolution settings by 20%, you can get the best experience out of this game.
  • Blade and Sorcery: Just like with Gorn, there’s the occasional stuttering after defeating many enemies. Turn down the resolution by 20%, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Payday 2: This did just okay at 70% rendering. We had to turn it down to 50% to get what passed for a good experience.

Titles that Didn’t Play Well

  • Fallout 4 VR: We would love to say it ran smoothly at 20%, but that seems like a stretch when you’re basically just looking at pixels.
  • Skyrim VR: Plays its smoothest at 40%, but then you get to see Skyrim turn into Minecraft.
  • Arizona Sunshine: It also works well if you turn down rendering by 60%, but the NPCs are all made of cardboard.
  • The Forest: Best experience awaits you at 40% rendering, which is just like Skyrim VR at 40% – terrible.

You shouldn’t expect to play COD with 4K Res on a 1030, but there’s still a lot of value you can squeeze out of it.


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