Get the Freedom You Need to be Successful


What does it take to get the freedom you need in the workplace to be successful? Is it possible to catch some air to breathe and make something of yourself in your career? What would it mean to you if you could do that?


Maybe you feel like you have room to think and be creative and maybe you don’t. Whichever case is most relevant for your current situation, most of us know what it feels like to be limited in our abilities by others. But wait… is it others limiting us or is it us limiting ourselves?

I’ll stop here to remind you. It is never someone else. No one else has any control over you. The only thing you ever have control over is yourself. You control the way you think and act. Other’s choose the way they think and act also. In almost every case, we interact with others out of our self-perception and how we perceive those around us. Our relationships with others is based on the same perceptions. We interact and react based on this. Perception is reality.


Consider how others perceive you. How do they think about you? Before we get too far. Think about this. We project our own perceptions of ourselves on others. So when answering the question, “how does someone else think of you?”, we take into account our own self-image and then we project that image on our interpretation of how we imagine someone else would think of us.

What’s the point then…? The point is that you need to gain trust to have the freedom to be successful. Trust. Trusting yourself is the first step to getting others to trust you. If you fail to perceive yourself as a trustworthy person, that is reality.  That’s the reality for you and how others will see you. You will have a hard time imagining that others trust you if you cannot project that onto your own interpretation of how others might picture you and see your character.

Because of this cycle, you will naturally self-fulfil this role as an untrustworthy or trustworthy person dependent on your self-reflection.


How do you learn to trust yourself as well as see yourself as trustworthy? What does it mean to you to trust someone else? Trust comes from communication and fulfilled promises or expectations.

If you create a single goal. Just one thing you’d like to accomplish within a short time-frame then actually complete it, you will have gained trust in yourself. Even if it’s the smallest amount, it’s gain nonetheless.

If you communicate your one goal with another person, then fulfil that duty, how much more will you trust yourself and how much trust will your new friend gain in you as well? If you keep this up for a time, how many new trusting people will you have in your life? How would your perception of yourself change if you remained consistent in this for a few months or years?

You might have the freedom and confidence to tell others that you complete every goal you set for yourself in spite of any challenges you face along the way. If you prove that to others, they will gain additional trust in you and will offer the freedom you need to be successful. People will only try to harness and reign in those that they fear. That fear can manifest through people don’t trust to make decisions on their own because of the fear of the unknown. It can manifest also through people they fear or are intimidated by. The only way people will feel intimidated by you is if they don’t trust you to do well by them.

You cannot win every battle, but you can win the war by discovering what makes that person feel intimidated by and learning how you can help them trust you. It could be that they feel as if their role is threatened by you. It may legitimately be or it may not. Either way, people have irrational fears all the time. Maybe you can help them, if they are feeling this way, by allowing them to participate in some way. Bring them along. Promote their strengths. Let them take credit for stuff. It might help them with that fear and it may not. If not just keep learning about them to uncover what they are worried about and build trust.


If you trust yourself, you will have the ability to project that perception of how others see you. This will lead to your positive choices that build on each other becoming essentially a self-fulfilling policy.

How do you see yourself? What goals are you fulfilling? Who are you gaining trust with currently? I’m interested in hearing about this. Leave a comment below.

Set challenging goals. Seek accountability not only for your sake of accomplishment but also for the sake of those who you need their trust. Gain the freedom you need to be highly successful.

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