Full-body tracking is now a stretch goal for VRMMO Ilysia (Only 35k away)

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter if you’re keen to support it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/team21studio/ilysia-experience-the-glory-days-of-mmorpgs-again-in-vr

I know full-body tracking is something a lot of people are interested in, also some of the backer rewards (have your own armor set, dungeon or place of interest designed in the game) are very cheap for a Kickstarter project, usually you’d have to pay 1k-10k to be able to have an influence like that and those backer rewards only cost $300 USD, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion (I’ve been quoted more for a custom VR chat skin).

Send the Kickstarter to your friends, or buy some keys for your friends like I did and maybe some day this will be the great VR MMO as popular as WoW that many of us wanted to play.

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