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Your First AR/VR Department Meeting


After countless hours of planning and preparation, you walk into the room and thank everyone for their attendance. You’ve been waiting weeks for this moment. You announce proudly that this is the first meeting of your company’s first Augmented Reality department.


“Thank you, everyone, for being here today! My name is so and so. This is the first meeting of many to come for our company’s new Augmented and Virtual Reality department! Congratulations to everyone on the team. We have all been working hard to ensure this department successfully takes flight and I assure you it will. I look forward to spending many more hours with you, without food, water, or rest if need be, to make this the best execution possible. And I’m serious about the sacrifices I’m willing to make for this team’s success. We have already accomplished this, that, and another thing. Here is why we did those things and here’s where we’re going.”

You are not taking a picnic anymore. No longer are you sitting in your comfy chair. You are now negotiating, meeting new people, and directing a key section of your organization. Your job is to plan and execute. You now look for problems to solve and pitch high-value solutions to your company’s key decision makers. Solve problems, get money for your department.

You hold meetings now. This is how you will run your first meeting.


The biggest key to success here is preparation:

  • Ensure you have the department’s 5-year plan written out.
    • Where are you going?
    • Why are you going there?
    • How will you get there?
    • Who will help you get there?
      • What kind of people are you looking for?
        • Passionate
          • How long have they been working with the tech?
          • What have they done with it?
          • How much do they talk about it?
          • Is it evident in their work and communication online?
          • Do they know more than you in their own area of expertise?
          • How deep is their knowledge
        • Moral
        • Ethical
        • Strong Work Ethic
          • Willing to work long hours.
          • Open to do whatever it takes to make this project a success.
          • Always shows up prepared and diligently works hard.
  • What is your department’s mission?
    • Have this written down.
    • What problem is your department most interested in solving?
    • Your department should have a very narrow laser focus.
    • What is that focus?
    • Give people the ability to be a part of something much bigger than themselves.
    • Let them take part in building something grand.
    • Make this be something that people can feel deeply passionate about.
  • How are you going to get there?
    • Show milestones you’re planning to achieve and by when you plan to achieve them.
      • When do you have all of the information from around your organization as to what projects are currently being built?
      • When do you have all of the project proposals gathered?
      • What date will you have an answer to which proposals will be scheduled?
      • How will priority be determined?
  • Give power, autonomy, and opportunity to the people that are in the room with you. You have put this together for them. You are doing this work for them and for future generations.


Your first meeting will require lots of thoughtful work. You are leading and creating the foundation for a significant piece of the company and its future. Treat this meeting as if it holds the keys to all future meetings. As it does hold that much power. When you are doing things for the first few times you are setting precedence. The things you say and do in this meeting will carry on into every future meeting and will resonate through the organism you are creating. Everything from the format of the meeting, your tonality, the content, and the vision people gain from you. It all rests on how this meeting goes. So pay attention to all of the major and minor details. That includes how you dress and groom.

Being at this level in organizational structure, be sure to wear your best. Dress business formal, get your hair done by a professional, and if you have facial hair: either cut it off or have a professional trim it nicely. Pay attention to your hands and nails. Get a manicure. This includes men and women. The better care you take of yourself the better you will feel and the more authority you will carry about with you. If you don’t know how to take care of your body and clothes or what clothes to wear for business formal attire, do a search online. This is not business professional nor business casual. It is dark suits and fine shoes. You are dressed to kill. Like I said, cover all of the fine details. Leave nothing to fate. No regrets.


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