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Fear – The only thing holding you back


This is Tyler Lindell. Your host, your guide, and your mentor. I want to share with you something that you may already know but just haven’t realized yet. You have yet to fulfill your potential and we both know why. The thing is that you probably haven’t even realized it yet. I see so many people, myself included, walking around, going about their day-to-day with unfulfilled potential and the scary thing is… Some of us actually believe we’re at the top of our game!

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand what the number one thing is that’s holding you back from getting what you want out of life and why nearly everyone is wrong about how well they are actually doing.

Now, here’s the thing. I focus on helping people start augmented and virtual reality departments. Most people are not starting these types of departments rather, they are not starting departments at all. Why is that? There are some people who simply don’t want to do this and that’s cool. But – there are lots of people interested in starting departments or companies of their own in the augmented and virtual reality industry. People either don’t or can’t get to the point where they start their endeavor because they are allowing themselves to live much smaller lives than they dream about. Some people might even feel crippling pain when they consider what it might be like to aspire to something so far above where they are now.  Maybe you are living this way currently. That’s okay though – I have been there many times as well.

We’re going to talk about fear and what it takes to become courageous enough to use fear for your own good. When successfully master fear and learn how to take advantage of it, opportunities are going to open themselves up to you like you’ve never experienced before.


The way fear affects us is different for everyone but most of these fears act together with one another and might trigger the other fears you have. The fear of failing is where you think of something you want to do and choose not to do it because you are afraid that you will invest your time, energy, money, and reputation on something and it will simply not work out or you think that you do not have what it takes to succeed at the task.


Fear of rejection can be tied closely with fear of failure because you might be afraid of what people will think of you if you do fail. You might also be afraid of what people will think of you if you tell them you are doing something. This could also be present when trying to sell your product or service to others. The fear will creep up when you are considering telling potential customers that you want their business or want to help them in someway.


Fear of loss could come in the form of scary thoughts and feelings about the time, energy, money, and relationships you might lose due to taking action on pursuing your dreams. This might also drive you to become overly needy in relationships, business communication, and in your sales efforts.


Imagine getting and having everything you’ve ever dreamed of. The house, the career, the business, the finances, the spouse or family. Now think about what it might be like when you get there have a standard of life you must live up to to continue the lifestyle. It takes much effort, time, and energy to get there that you might be afraid of ever achieving those levels of success because you would then have accountability, higher stakes, and high standards to live up to. That might cause you so much fear that you are unwilling to even attempt to have the success you wish you could have and know you could have.


In life and business, there are an unbelievable number of unknowns. Most people spend many years of their life working through the learning curve to become successful because there are so many unknowns. For some people this is exciting and part of the adventure. For others, these unknowns cause them to freeze up and stick to the path of least resistance. They stick to the safe familiar surroundings and lifestyle they have always known.


There are a couple ways to conquer fear. One of the most common is to face the fear head on and making it work for us. Fear is an emotion that requires a response. The response is either fight or flight. If you choose to harness the fight – you turn fear on it’s head and it actually becomes fuel for you to become wildly successful. Another way is to understanding the exact cause and nature of the fear for yourself. Once you have a deep understanding of the fear, what causes it for you, and what events have ingrained your automatic flight response, you can learn to recognize the fear and follow a plan for changing the way you think in the situation. Planning, goal-setting, and setting up systems to trick the mind into acting instead of reacting is another way to become courageous in the face of fear. This is a way of preemptively tricking your mind and emotions into believe more about yourself and creating an powerful mindset that will give you boldness in times you would normally have strong fear reactions.


Now that you have a clear picture of what’s keeping you from fulfilling your highest potential. It’s time to take action. Action is the only way you can transition from where your are currently to becoming the man or woman you wish you could aspire to. The process of becoming fearless may be the toughest challenge you have ever faced in your entire life. That’s okay though, I have been there too. You can succeed and you will succeed if you have the right people around you and the right framework to operate within. I would like to invite you to schedule a phone call for us to talk about what you are aspiring to and what fears are blocking your path to becoming the ultimate you. Right now – take action, visit to get your complimentary strategy call scheduled right away.

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