Error 436, HMD stuck in standby (blue LEDs)

Making a new post for this so that I’m not derailing my current one.

Just got a new Valve Index. Yesterday when I tried it for the first time, it worked, sort of. There were white snow-like pixels that, when I adjusted the headset, sometimes went away or sometimes got much worse, turning multicoloured with audio crackling. Sometimes the HMD would just go completely blank.

Today the headset just stays blank no matter what, and I’m getting error 436 in SteamVR. I’ve also run steam’s VR performance test, and I find I get awful results if both my monitor and headset are plugged into displayports (unplugging either one means great results in the performance test).

I’ve made sure my GPU is in maximum performance mode, and I’ve tried basically every fix under the sun, repeatedly, for what I believe is the cable issue.

I’ve cleared steamVR USB devices, I’ve reinstalled the latest nvidia drivers twice, I’ve unplugged and replugged the headset’s plug, done the same with the breakaway connector, I’ve tried every combo of displayport and USB port and I’ve tried different power outlets.

tl;dr Headset half-worked yesterday, today SteamVR claims it can’t connect, the headset LEDs are blue, and apparently my GPU can’t maintain framerate while outputting to a displayport monitor and the VR headset at the same time.

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