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So not too long after they were out for purchase, I went ahead and bought me a pair of Index controllers for my Vive. Recently I had to get a replacement for one, and I also once had to get a replacement for a Vive part. The difference in customer support was huge.

So I’ve had my vive for a while, and I also got the wireless adapter for it when that came out. One day the battery started to break, and eventually became unusable. We contacted Vive’s support for a replacement, and what followed was painful. They asked us to do so many things, sometimes multiple times, and even though our description of the problem clearly showed it being a hardware issue, many of them were software related. I get that they wanted to make sure it really needed a replacement, but the amount of stuff was insane. Eventually we finally convinced them to just send us a replacement, so we gave them our info, and they said they would send the new battery. And then it took them probably around 3-4 months before they actually sent it. After the first few weeks without it even being shipped we went ahead and just bought a new battery pack from anker, which actually ended up being better than the default HTC one and we started using it as out main battery even after we got the replacement. I was sure they were gonna pull something on us and try and make us buy a new one (I think that might have been why they waited so long) but they did eventually send us it. The whole process probably took around 4 or 5 months.

Now, here I am with my index controllers. Recently my left one had a joystick issue that required a replacement. Like HTC, they made sure we tried some other things first but it was way less. We were off and on messaging to figure out the problem for only around 2 days before they told us to send them ours for an RMA. So, we sent them the controller. That was 3 days ago when I sent mine, and I already have the replacement here with me. They didn’t even wait to get ours, as soon as they got confirmation our package was en route they sent the replacement. So the entire process of replacing the controllers took only around 5 days. I’ve even heard stories of them sending replacements even when the serial number of the controller has worn off.

TL;DR: Valve’s customer support was vastly superior to HTC’s, taking only around 5 days to replace a $140 controller compared to the almost 5 months Vive took to send a simple battery.

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