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Create Value – Becoming Valuable


This is Tyler Lindell, your host, your guide, and your mentor. In today’s episode, I’m diving into becoming valuable. What you can expect to gain from listening to this are some golden nuggets on how to make yourself valuable in the market. After this, you will understand what value is, why you should be concerned with the value other’s place on you, and how to clearly be viewed as valuable in the marketplace.



If you’re like most people, you’d probably describe value in terms of how much money something costs. Am I right? At first this sounds correct because it’s how many of us have come to terms with this word, “VALUE”. It’s only half of the equation though. Value is the difference between the cost of something and the benefit received from the acquired item. I’ll give an example. Let’s stick with the idea that we are buying something for this case. The idea of value is much broader than the context of money but it works well for us right now. If you go online and start shopping for a bag of coffee there’s certainly going to be many options. Whole bean or grounds, location the beans were grown; dark, medium, light roast, and brand. Everything being equal, let’s assume you choose an organic brand that costs $20 for 16 ounces. Now you could have chosen the non-organic beans for $14 per 16 ounces but the value you were seeking was a good bean, with a good flavor, from a brand you trust, and guaranteed to be pesticide free. It takes more work to ensure that organic crops are sustainable and to prevent bugs from eating the crops before you get your roasted beans from them. So they company charges more for the product. You are willing to pay more for the organic and the added value you receive is peace of mind and potentially a healthier body.


Now, let’s talk about value outside of the financial context. Value is the difference between cost and benefit. If we look specifically at value you can provide to the marketplace, the math is the same. Benefit of interacting with you minus the cost for people to interact with you. Depending on the interaction and medium for interacting the cost may be variable. We can focus on social media and in person interactions here.



Social media cost for interaction is relatively low and I’d break it down like this. Time to investigate your profile, time to read your posts, time to respond, time to unconnect, social cost to be connected with you, social cost to respond to your posts are all costs or potential costs of being connected with someone. The benefits might include, interesting content, social benefit of being connected, high value mutual connections, introductions, endorsements, intriguing conversations, social value from commenting and sharing your content.



In-person connections have costs and benefits as well. The costs could be much higher in relationships that are in-person. Let’s take the perspective that you are looking for people to make friends with. The following are aspects of your life that could be adversely affected by poorly choosing the people you spend time with. Your lifestyle, income, and habits are typically the average of your five closest friends. If you choose to keep friends around that don’t value their time, their energy, or their peers – you’re most likely going to suffer the same fate. Other costs may be lack of social proof from others based on who they see you with, missed opportunities or just lack of opportunities in general, a negative attitude, giving excuses, blaming others, lack of focus, lack of stimulating thoughtful conversation, and other life suckingly poor choices. Sounds pretty grimm, huh…? To be perfectly clear, it could very very well be that grimm or worse.



On the other side of the coin though, if you choose the right people to be around, the benefits could be greatly beneficial. The results are not a perfect contrast, in fact, the benefits by far out weight the costs. Your lifestyle, income, habits will all be positively impacted. You are much more likely to have a similar future and fortune as the five closest people around you, so choose well. You will have stimulating and challenging conversations, you will look at yourself to understand why something went wrong instead of blaming others, you will receive positive social buy in from others that are successful as well, you will have many times more opportunities because of the social proof of the people you hang with. You will become more focused, deliberate, tenacious, active, engaged, feel more alive and excited about life, you will start doing things in life because you want to instead of “have to”. Make more money. Have more fun. Be more healthy. And increased satisfied in life if you choose the right people to spend time with.



With that in mind – become the person from the positive section aforementioned and spend time with others that fit the same description. You can thank me later.



How do people see you? Are you a highly valuable person to spend time with? What value are people getting from knowing you? Do you push your limits? Live fearlessly? Do you have goals written down? Do they cover the next 30, 60, 90 days? How far out into your future are you setting goals? 12 months? 24 months? 5, 10, 20 years? 100 – 200 years? Ambitious and take initiative? Do you recite your goals and affirmations to yourself out loud daily? How can you get better? How can you improve? Never measure yourself against others. It’s an unfair ruler. Instead, only measure yourself against your own progress. That’s the golden rule. You are the only person that can judge if you are successful. If you look at your life and are unsatisfied, it’s your own damn fault. If you look at your life and are pleased with what you see, good job – it’s your own damn fault. You choose what your future looks like whether you take conscious action about it or not. If you choose to plan where you want to go in life and work to make it happen then you will get there. If you choose to withhold a plan for your life and/or do not work to make it happen, you will end up wherever your friends end up.



A quick story and I’ll wrap up. You can close your eyes if you want to for a full visual effect. You are standing on a large wooden ship with the sails fully deployed. It’s raining and the water around you is swelling 40 – 60 foot tossing your boat. You are the only one onboard. Are you going to wait on the ship to see what happens next or are you going to run to the helm and grab hold to take matters into your own hands? This is life. It is your life. You have two choices – either let your life go wherever people and circumstances lead… or you can choose to take control of the helm and direct your life where you want to go. It’s your choice and yours alone. No one else cares what you do as long as your ship doesn’t wreck theirs.



The most important factor in becoming valuable to others is valuing yourself. You must value yourself and be valuable to yourself. How do you feel about yourself? How do you think about yourself?



You have now learned how to make yourself valuable in the market,  you know what value is, why you should be concerned about what value others see in you, and how to be clearly viewed as valuable in the marketplace. The next step is yours. What will you do with your life next?

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