Cosmos Elite vs Index Update

So like a week or so ago (?) I posted here asking if I should return the Cosmos Elite that I ordered and just wait for an Index. Since then I have received my Elite. This is what follows.

  1. Setup isn’t crazy hard. Don’t know how it compares with other headsets/companies but for the most part it wasn’t too much of a headache to set up. YMMV.
  2. It seems stupid to have #1 in here, but I didn’t wanna flame this disgusting, overpriced piece of hardware without having at least one upside (is it an upside? Fuck you HTC) However, tracking issues galore. Holy fuck. The base stations don’t detect the headset (or vice versa) half the time, I have them facing each other well below the maximum distance for detection.
  3. People told me the controllers were gonna be the death of me, but honestly they aren’t THAT bad ergonomically, maybe a little awkward. But I can deal with an awkward grip. I got used to it quick and I’m not that hardcore a gamer. HOWEVER, the tracking issues are definitely a deal breaker.
  4. The HMD display isn’t terrible, but the sweet spot is tiny as fuck. Ironically when the headset and base stations decide to cooperate and fucking track for once, the experience isn’t bad, but definitely not on par with an Index if this is what I’m experiencing so far. I’m running 3600X + 5700XT + 16GB RAM combo. Another upside! your VR kit sucks, but at least when it does decide to work it’ll work okay (/hard s).
  5. In conclusion, if the Cosmos Elite was worth $99, then it would be a fantastic choice. However, it is not. Quite far from it actually. 900 dollars for a shitty set up that works okay 50% of the time and is 100 dollars less than the Valve Index, a MUCH better product. (Do I sound like a paid shill? I don’t give a fuck. HTC can choke on a sweaty cock for all I care.)
  6. In conclusion^2, I will not be keeping my HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Headset. It is absolutely not worth that amount of money when you can just spend an extra 100 for a way better product. Hopefully the return is accepted, because if I have to have this infuriating piece of garbage and not get my money back, I will make it my personal mission to ensure that HTC never releases another VR kit.

So that’s all. Yes, I am being dramatic in some instances, but seriously. It is not a good product, or rather it is definitely not worth . Pro tip to anyone considering purchasing an Elite (highly unlikely on this sub lol). Wait the 8 weeks for the Index if you’re looking for high end options. I want to retroactively thank all of the people who warned me in my last post, I should have listened. Have a great fucking day!!!

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