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Future – Command it, Mold it


This is Tyler Lindell, your host, your guide, and your mentor. Today I’m going to show you how you can do better than just predict the future. I see so many people posting online attempting to predict the future. Why? I’m thinking to myself, “How fucking lame” why are you trying to predict the future?”. Predictions tend to be highly inaccurate, overstated, overly optimistic and say more about the person predicting than it does for the future. While I do predictions as a practice of planning my trajectory in my own time, I don’t bother telling people about my predictions. What value does that provide? I mean some people might have their ears open enough to catch a glimpse of what’s to come but really, all there is to it is keeping an open mind, open ears and strategizing what the next small step might be for some of the big name companies. From there, if you want to do your own predictions, just connect the fucking dots. Company “A” has been doing hardware in a particular field… okay… “my long term goal for this hardware would be 1, 2, 3… if I were them” The smallest step from where they are now to small goal number one is…. Now think, if they could accomplish the smallest goal in your list, what are the next possibilities? Just fucking branch from there. It’s way too easy and simplistic. I’ve seen some prominent people attempting to predict the future and I just don’t know why they would make such a big mistake. Maybe for click-bait? Idk… Whatever they are trying to accomplish, who cares? Value is only created when you dictate the future, command the future, mold the future to what you want it to be.



There are only two steps to dictate the future and that’s what you’re going to learn today. How you can dictate and command the future, not predict, but create real and lasting value by dictating the future, by molding and command the future to be what you want. Whatever term you want to use to describe your soon-to-be new skill of making the future what you want it to be, you are about to learn the single most invaluable skill needed to become one badass motherfucker. An Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos kinda badass. An Elon type of badass. Are you ready?… You’re about to either love me or hate me because It’s way too simple to say and much too difficult for most people to accomplish. If you are like nearly every person on planet earth – you are about to hate me because this is going to sound way to fucking simple but you will never achieve the heights you could be capable of because you will never follow through on this. If you can accomplish this though, you will love me for giving you this well-known secret.



Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how you got here? Whether you feel successful or not, have you ever looked back and been like… how the fuck did I end up this way and in this situation? Whether you intentionally think about it or not, you got to this point in life because of what’s in your mind about yourself and your future. It’s a matter of how you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself. Self-perception is either one of the most dangerous or most valuable and predictable tools you already use regularly to determine where you go in life. How do you think you perceive yourself? Some of you may need to ask, “Where has my positive perception of myself gone?”. Or “Why do I think so poorly about myself?”. Your mind has either been made up for you by others or you have made up your mind about yourself on your own. You have the option to just let your mind go where ever or you can create a framework for your mind to be harnessed and actively control your thinking. Now remember, whether you create a framework or not, your mind will be influenced by what you are surrounded with. Words, perspectives, people, money, food, living environment, family, education, thoughts about the future, and self-talk. While I could dig into any one of these, let’s focus on the most important framework to improve your future.



If you’re like most people you have things in life you want to do but you have never written them down. If you want to continue down the same path you always have been down and remain stagnant with micro-changes in your life… keep it that way. Don’t change anything. You can remain the same person you’ve always been. You can be like everybody else – comfortable. You will sit back and watch opportunity after opportunity pass by and never ever get fucking anywhere. Is that the kind of life you want? Is that the shitty kind of life you want to lead? Is that how you want to look back and see yourself? “I always wanted to do this or that but never did…” How fucking sad. To want and want but never have. If you are already happy with what you’re doing and don’t want more, that’s fine, this isn’t for you. But if you know there’s more you want out of life, listen the fuck up. You will never get there without planning and setting goals as high as fuck. You will only ever have what you ask for. If you can’t dream it and can’t ask for it, you will never ever get it.



I’m going to save step two for the next episode but if you’re interested in finding out more about step one and getting started on completing step one to create the future you want and deserve, I have a FREE TRAINING on my website. In that training, we’ll go over the document I have set up for you to use while in my free training as well to continue using while in the million dollar value, AR/VR department builder’s paid training afterwards.



You now know what it takes to be a badass and control the future just like Oprah, Steve, Jeff, and Elon do. Don’t predict the future, command it

If you’re ready – start with my free training.


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