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Future – Command it, Mold it (part 2 – Goals)


This is Tyler Lindell, your host, your guide, and your mentor. Have you ever spent the time to write out your goals and just a few weeks later, you look back and realize that you forgot about them? Maybe a few months or years go by and all of a sudden you remember spending the time thinking about your goals and maybe, just maybe you wrote them down. Do you remember all of the times you tried it and it didn’t work? Why would you want to spend the time to do it again if it didn’t work for you back then? Here’s the best part for you, “It doesn’t matter how hard or how many times you fall as long as you get back up”. I will teach you how to make your goals stick and how to make them work for you. You need to know how to turn your goals into habits so you can harness, control, and even command your future. This is the absolute only way to ensure you create the future you want.



This is part two to the previous episode, “Commanding the Future”. In the previous episode we talked about setting goals and how this can make you the highly successful badass motherfucker you want to be. An Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos kinda badass. An Elon type of badass. Now, there is nothing magical or special about making goals or even writing them down. Although, I’d argue that writing them down will help them stick in your mind a while longer even if you happen to never came back to them. But the process of creating goals, writing them down, and committing to reading them aloud for yourself on a daily basis, even better if it’s twice or more per day, can assist you in remembering your goals more easily.

The point here though is not about just thinking about, writing down, and remembering your goals. The point here is that your goals must change your life. You need your goals to change your life. You need them to alter your trajectory and you need them to become unbelievably successful. How can you use your goals to accomplish this end?

The problem you are facing now is that your subconscious holds information about you that is clearly untrue. It believes you are afraid. It believes you are a procrastinator, that you waste time, that people don’t like you. Even more things like: you will always be poor, unlikeable, a shitty person, that will will never accomplish anything bigger.

Fuck you and your subconscious. That’s what you need to be thinking right now. You need to reprogram that shit out right now. How do you do it??? I’M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW!!! THINK OF MASSIVE GOALS, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, READ THEM ALOUD AT LEAST TWICE PER DAY, TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. — THAT’S IT. That’s literally all you need.



It’s the small things in life that matter. It’s the small things done daily that will change everything about your trajectory and ultimately your future. If you want to be a different person in the future than you are now, if you want to become successful in the future, you need to change the small things. You need the right habits. Change your daily habits, change your whole damn life.

The process of creating goals, reading them aloud to yourself at least twice daily, and telling people about your goals will help you create the habits necessary for altering your life and molding your future to be what you want. You’ve probably heard it said that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Wrong. You’re a human being, you don’t fit into a box like that and neither do your goals. Based on recent studies and my own experience, it seems to depends on the person, environment, consistency, the process, and the habit being formed. It is much more likely to take between 18 days to just under a year to form a habit. With that being said, it’s much more likely for an action to become a habit if you tell people about your goal, your progress, and allow others to hold you accountable to your goals.



Accountability is a simple process. You can use it to ensure you stick to your plans for executing your goals. Regardless of how big or small they are, telling people about them and forming accountability is the very thing that will push you over the edge and ensure you master what you’ve set out to accomplish. You can tell anyone about your goals but I will encourage you to go a step further. Always go beyond the minimum to accomplish what you want in life. Tell the world about your goals. Pause. Shake that fucking fear off and tell everyone about the future you are going to create. That is sure to burn down your bridges to failure and create bridges to your new found success.



You now know what it takes to be a badass and control the future just like Oprah, Steve, Jeff, and Elon do. Don’t predict the future, take control and command it. To get the accountability you need for executing on your massive goals, I have created a group specifically for you. Take action and follow instructions in the following invitation to get into that exclusive group of badass department builders. We never stop, we never quit. Your dreams are massive, the hurdles are high – there is no stopping the people I’ve started working with. You are ruthless. You know what you want – you are relentless.


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