A Township Tale private server announcement

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Introducing our 5 phase private server rollout!

General Information:

  • All servers will be hosted by Alta. You won’t need to worry about hosting, or any issues related to maintaining your own cloud computer / server.
  • Server owners will be able to choose who plays on their server, and have control to ban users as necessary.
  • Server owners will be able to choose which region to have their server hosted in. At this stage, there are 3 available regions: NA (Oregon, USA), EU (Frankfurt, Germany), and OCE (Sydney, Australia).
  • Server owners will be able to choose various settings for their server. There aren’t many now, but we will add more as necessary.
  • Tools will be very limited at first, we’ll also be working on these as necessary. See Phase 3.
  • Servers will still be wiped with each update at this stage. This is up for discussion, but saves us a fair few headaches.

Phase 1 (21-Aug-19):

  • The background tech is utilized for the existing public servers, to help us test and iron out any issues with the server hosting.
  • Applications (see the bottom of this post) are opened.

Phase 2 (Unknown):

  • A few server applications are chosen. This won’t necessarily be the most popular. The selection is down to our discretion. We’ve got numerous factors that we need to take into account, both for the good of the community at this stage, and for the effectiveness of our testing.
  • Servers are created for those applications, and inviting abilities are given to the proposer.
  • No console access will be available (yet).
  • Alta devs/mods won’t be spawning in lost items. If server owners want, they’re free to form a list and spawn it in once the console is available.
  • Devs will stay in contact with server owners in order to assess what tools/features we can develop to best support them and their communities.
  • These servers will be free, though will be moved to a free tier if/when we begin charging for servers.

Phase 3 (Unknown):

  • More server applications may be chosen throughout this time. Again, this won’t necessarily be the most popular, but rather ones that we feel are necessary to further our testing and better the community.
  • Server console is released.
  • Devs continue to work with server owners to work out what tools are necessary.
  • Tools are developed in order to better facilitate server owners.

Phase 4 (Unknown):

  • Charging for servers is deployed.
  • Existing servers are moved to a free tier.
  • In preparation for this, we will discuss with server owners, and community members who are interested in owning a server in the future, what plans sound good for them.
  • We will also be investigating options such as crowdfunding from server players, Supporter “Boosting” (akin to Discord), and other ways to reduce the cost for an owner, or entirely fund the running of a server.

Phase 5 (Unknown):

  • Private servers are available!
  • Anyone can now create their own server, with access to necessary tools, etc.

Applying for a server

If you would like to apply to become a server owner, please create a post in this category.

Please stick to 1 application maximum!

If you would accept an invite to play on a server posted here, reply with “I would play on this!”. Please don’t spam this on ever server, but rather on the ones that you’d really check out if they were selected, and invited you.

All posts and comments in this category require moderator approval, just to ensure that it doesn’t get overwhelmed with discussion, but lets us clearly see what’s going on. Hopefully, for those approved, the comments also prove useful as a list of players that would be keen to be invited.

All applications should follow this example format:
https://feedback.townshiptale.com/t/rebels-retreat-example/672/2 59

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