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What is SEO anyway? Should you even give a shit? It stands for, Search Engine Optimization. It’s a strategy used by people to improve their website’s ranking on search engine results pages. SEO is access to the market. Access to clients.

Most SEO companies show you how to build up traffic to your site from organic search engine results through unique content creation – it’s one of the most strategic places to optimize on for marketing. The problem is that, with most optimization companies, it will take a year or longer to actually see promising results. Do you have that kind of time? Does your business? I don’t and certainly, neither do you. NOPE.

If an SEO company promised you that they could help you double your traffic over the next 12 months, would you accept it?

If it was the only option, of course you would. So would I. You’re smart and you want someone you can trust to bring greats returns for your investment. You want someone that you can work with long-term and see great success with over time.

What about right now though? What are you and your business going to do right now to be successful and bring in clients? What if you could double your website traffic within the next 30 days? Like we discussed earlier, you and I both want a faster turn around on results. How will you disrupt anything if you must wait 12 months to see really powerful results? You need results now, damn it! You came here to disrupt your industry. You clearly need those results in 12 months, but you also need to see traction now.

There’s a secret to getting insane levels of traffic fast that your SEO company knows about and will not allow you to use it while your working with them. They may even try to call it the dreaded name… “Blackhat SEO” 😮!

Here is what most SEO companies will tell you about “Blackhat SEO”:

  • “Blackhat SEO is bad and scary”.
  • “Blackhat SEO will destroy your reputation”.
  • “Google will deindex or block you if you use Blackhat SEO tactics”.
  • “Blackhat strategies may work for a short time but will tank very quickly soon after”.

They are scared but they are totally right! If you or they practice “Blackhat SEO” without proven processes and take strategic steps to risk mitigation, you are likely to completely tank on search engine results pages. You may even see some of your pages completely disappear from public view. That is scary! Can be scary as hell if you are staking your livelihood on something so risky.

The key is – Do not do blackhat SEO. Instead, understand the rules and the risk, then take action accordingly. Effectively, you should be doing “Grayhat SEO“. Toe the line but don’t step over it. While employing a risky strategy, such as Grayhat SEO, to build up fast support from search engine results, backfill your pipeline with high quality, original content. This will ensure you’re focusing on both today as well as tomorrow for your long-term business success.

See how this could work for your business:

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